Delivery & Checkout Information

✔ GET IT Delivered in any Perth suburb 7 days a week from $19.99

  • Delivery hours:
    • Morning Delivery ($19.99 minimum): 1.30-hour window between 6 am and 10:30 am.
  • Deliveries are around Perth only:  check by entering your post code for more precision.
  • Our cakes are made fresh on demand so they can last easily in your fridge. If you need the cake for a morning, do not hesitate to get delivered the day before.
  • Refrigerated Transport

✔ If you (have) select(ed) during checkout:
  • Unattended delivery: Your order will be left in a safe place at/near the provided address if no one is available to receive it on the specified day and time you selected. You may leave a thermal bag or cooler box at the front of your address for safekeeping. 📦
  • Attended delivery: Kindly ensure someone will be available to receive the order on the specified day and time selected. Failure to do so will result in your order being held at our East Perth factory for pickup until 3 pm. 🕒

✔ FREE Delivery on all orders over $120 

✔ FREE Pick Up at our local partner 

(From 9am till 2.30pm on the specified day 🏪)

✔ CALL US  on 0433 755 181

✔ National Delivery For any macaron (only) order throughout Australia.