Culinary Gold, in your plate!

Did you think that gold was reserved only for jewelry or investment? Not at all, it is possible to buy culinary gold for food! 


Indeed, gold is an edible and non-allergenic metal, it’s used in savory, sweet dishes as well as in drinks, and we use it here at French Sweet (like to decorate the macarons, on the top of our Chocolate Fudge Cake ).



It doesn’t have any taste, it is used purely for aesthetic purposes, for the decoration of dishes or pastries.


Unlike jewelry, culinary gold must be consumed pure. 

You can find it in the form of sheets, powder or glitter and can be used by professionals as well as individuals. 


Since the leaf is a very fine and delicate material, the use of a brush or clamp is recommended to do not alter the material. The application processes differ according to the professionals. 


Here are some luxurious dishes encountered around the world :


Coffee :

For 25$, in Abu Dhabi, you can have a golden cappuccino! 

Forget the cinnamon or cocoa! Here, you’ll find gold powder on top of your milk foam.



Lootah Premium Food has launched a new range of champagne, by replacing alcohol by golden glitters 999,99‰ (24k)



You can find the most expensive pizza in the world at New-York’s restaurant ''L'industry Kitchen''. It’s composed of golden sheets 999,99‰, foie gras, truffles, and caviar. You can try it for … 2000 $!



So, would you let yourself be tempted? 

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