TOP 5 Most Popular French Desserts


It is not a surprise that France is the country of gastronomy. The list of delicious dishes and pastry is extensive, but we’ve compiled the most liked cakes by French people.


Fondant Au Chocolat : 

The king of gourmet desserts: Chocolate fondant.

If you are an aspiring chef, you must have already tried this dessert! 

You only need a few ingredients like cocoa, sugar, egg, and flour. Unlike half-cooked, it is melting but does not have a running heart. Its soft texture makes it one of the most essential desserts of our tables. This dessert offers infinite alternatives: indeed, it is very easy to make and there are plenty of alternatives: add nuts, replace chocolate or cocoa with white chocolate, overcome orange zest, replace baking with casserole cooking. We can serve this melt with custard for even more gourmet, but it is already so delicious that I assure you it suffices itself


Millefeuille :

The mille-feuille consists of three layers of puff pastry and two layers of pastry cream on which a glaze with icing sugar or fondant is plated. It is an old creation, invented several centuries ago and which has today become a must for nibbles platters. Be creative, sweet or salted, adding rum or kirsch to pastry cream, etc. Or you can order one here


Apple Pie : 

Very popular with seniors, apple pie is a classic. Puff pastry, butter, vanilla sugar, and apples are the basic ingredients of apple pie. You can also add a bed of applesauce or jam under the apples, toffee, whipped cream or fresh cream and even go for the famous Tatin Pie and its caramelized apples.



Tiramisu is the most famous Italian dessert but very appreciated by French people. It is also a light dessert that you can accompany with a glass of prosecco, the famous Italian sparkling wine for an Italian flavors meal. 

For a stunning effect, you can well present the cake, in a verrine. 

Egg, sugar, mascarpone and spoon biscuits are the main ingredients of this light and fluffy cake.


Fraisier : 

The Fraisier, one of the everlasting desserts.

Fruit cakes fans, this strawberries cake is for you. It is a dessert appreciated during the summer for its fresh side. The Fraisier consists of strawberry mousse, genoise, and cream. It is usually topped by a thin layer of almond paste. It is an ideal dessert after a hearty meal because its frothy texture makes it a light and easy cake to eat after a festive meal.

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